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Welcome to DC 3012
DC 3012 is a new roleplaying forum that takes place approximately 1000 years after current DC canon. The likes of Batman and Superman are long gone. Wars have gone and past, and new threats have been faced by each new generation of hero.

New York City has been completely rebuilt into a futuristic skycity: Saga City, and the rest of the Earth is quickly following. The war of control in Gotham is finally over: villains have gained complete control and are utilizing it as a base of operations against the New Justice League. A new company known as SHARK is slowly building its empire in the Philippines, and is expanding its seeds of influence across the Pacific Ocean.

The seeds of villainy continue on through the new millennium, but a new generation of crimefighters has risen to the challenge. The last of the old Justice League has disbanded, and they and the Teen Titans and Young Justice have merged into a global offensive against crime: the New Justice League, and have headquartered themselves in Saga City.

In DC 3012: Titans Tomorrow, will you join the new generation of crimefighters or vie for power with chaos and destruction?
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